Background Information

The heating & cooling sector comprises 51% of final energy consumption and contributes about 27% of EU carbon emissions. Decarbonising this sector will be essential in the EU transition towards a carbon emission-free society by mid of this century. Yet, the EU is far from being on track.

We believe that – at least in our industry – we have all the technologies at hand to aim at zero carbon emission by 2050, if not before then.

It is therefore time that all stakeholders join forces behind one clear vision: a 100% carbon emission-free, efficient European heating & cooling sector by 2050.

This objective requires a market framework that encourages the massive deployment of ‘’2050 compatible’’ technologies, offering low/no emission solutions for heating, cooling and hot water production. Those technologies are already available on the market. So what’s missing to turn Decarb Heat vision into reality?

We need joint action linking the potential of industry (as expressed in the industry commitment, a policy framework and market conditions and broad support by other energy-stakeholders to the vision.

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