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Acting together to decarbonise Europe!

The heating & cooling sector comprises 51% of final energy consumption and contributes about 27% of EU carbon emissions. Decarbonising this sector will be essential in the EU transition towards a carbon emission-free society by mid of this century. Yet, the EU is far from being on track.

We believe that we have all the technologies at hand to aim at zero carbon emission by 2050, if not before then.

It is therefore time that all stakeholders join forces behind one clear vision: a 100% carbon emission-free, efficient European heating & cooling sector by 2050. This objective requires a market framework that encourages the massive deployment of ‘’2050 compatible’’ technologies, offering low/no emission solutions for heating, cooling and hot water production. Those technologies are already available on the market. So what’s missing to turn Decarb Heat vision into reality?

We need joint action linking the potential of industry, as expressed in the industry commitment, a policy framework and market conditions and broad support by other energy-stakeholders to the vision. Therefore, the Decarb Heat initiative brings together for the first time the major players of the heating and cooling industry and other major stakeholders. Together they can make the vision of a 100% decarbonised European heating and cooling system reality.

Decarb Heat consists of three elements:



Signing the Declaration of Support (vision of a 100% carbon emission-free heating/cooling sector in 2050)

or even

Signing the Industry Pledge (an ambitious commitment to turn the vision into reality)

More on the background to Decarb Heat , view the specific ppt

Industry Pledge

The heating and cooling industry is conscious of its responsibilities and is willing to take a leading role in the industries transition by making the following pledge. While aiming at reducing EU’s energy needs and striving for a cost-efficient path, the industry is willing to take specific commitments to turn Decarb Heat vision into reality.

While aiming at reducing EU’s energy needs and striving for a cost-efficient path, it commits to:

  • supporting the goal of a 100% carbon emission-free heating & cooling sector by 2050 (80% by 2040);
  • aligning its business development plans with this goal;
  • taking the necessary measures to increase the focus on 2050-ready (and supporting) solutions;
  • supporting a fuel switch towards renewable energy (including ambient, geothermal, solar thermal energy, sustainable biofuels, biogas, biomethane & renewable electricity), waste energy and power-to-heat solutions;
  • increasing research and development activities to (further) improve the environmental benefits, the cost efficiency and the integration of the various 2050-ready (and supporting) solutions, as well as strengthen synergies between the thermal and the electric sector;
  • establishing a permanent Decarb Heat industry platform to facilitate the materialization, review and further development of the decarbonisation strategy, to share the existing solutions and to develop a joint view on the 2050 energy system and the necessary “energy transition”-steps to get there.

To deliver the expected results, this pledge must be completed by ‘2050-compatible’ policies and awareness-raising activities and a large support of Decarb Heat’s vision by numerous and various stakeholders.

Is your company willing to take such a commitment towards a 100% decarbonised heating and cooling sector in 2050?

Then please send the completed form to (see the signature process here).

You can have a look to the signatories here.

Guiding Policy Principles

The role of policy-makers is crucial to achieve the goals of Decarb Heat. For that purpose, Decarb Heat suggests a set of guiding policy principles to underpin policy-action at European, national, regional and local level beyond geographic or institutional specifics.

The thermal industry believes that policy makers should:

  • Adopt the vision of a 100% carbon emission free heating & cooling sector by 2050 (80% by 2040)
  • Align current and planned energy policies with this vision, enshrining it in their environmental, economic, tax and educational policies and ensuring that the impact of legislation on various levels does not hinder the deployment of 2050-ready solutions
  • Establish conditions for an energy market that would spontaneously drive decision makers to opt for 2050-ready solutions, but also taking effective short term action to accelerate the deployment of these solutions in the absence of a functioning energy market
  • Strength the confidence of citizens, investors and stakeholders by playing an active role in the awareness-raising on and the promotion of existing ‘2050-ready’ solutions and the Decarb Heat vision
  • Support research and development activity to (further) improve the environmental benefits, the cost efficiency and the integration of the various 2050-ready (and supporting) solutions, as well as to strengthen connections between the thermal and the electric sector
  • Follow a collaborative approach for further decarbonisation of the thermal sector by participating in and contributing to the Decarb Heat platform.

Declaration of Support

Beyond the industry and policy-makers, a broader support is needed among stakeholders to deliver on the Decarb Heat vision.

The Decarb Heat supporters hereby solemnly declare:

  • their support of a vision of a 100% carbon emission-free energy system including an efficient, renewable heating & cooling sector in Europe by 2050;
  • their willingness to take action in their remit to support this vision.

Is your organisation willing to sign this Declaration of Support?

If yes, please send the completed form to (see the signature process here)

The signatories will be contacted for possible follow-up actions determined by the Decarb Heat platform established in the framework of the Decarb Heat Industry Pledge.

Have a look at the supporters here.

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