Goess Green Brewery

First major carbon-neutral brewery

The brewery has different energy sources: biogas generated by the spent grain fermentation and the anaerobic wastewater treatment plant which is used directly for steam production and to produce heat and electricity in a CHP facility. In a nearby sawmill, wood is burned in a CHP ORC plant and the heat as warm water is used in the brewery, solar thermal energy providing for up to 5% of the brewery’s energy demand. Storage of 200 m3 is also included to store hot water from the solar thermal plant. The whole energy usage was optimized by an excess heat recovery concept.

Overview of the green brewery (source).

Technical details:

  • GHG savings: 1,257 tonnes CO2/per year
  • Energy generation: 17.1 GWh/per year of energy in total, including 9.5 GWh from biogas and
    530 MWh from solar thermal
  • Energy sources: solar thermal collectors, district heating, biogas, excess heat
  • Storage capacity: 200 m3 short term water storage
  • Supplied temperature: from 80 to 90° C

Solar thermal collectors, Goess brewery (source).