Industrial-scale reductions on heating costs and CO2 emissions

As part of a large-scale office renovation project, one Austrian company specified Vaillant heat pump technology, transforming both energy usage and carbon emissions.

Greibich Installations GmbH is a specialist building services company based in Amstetten, Austria. In 2017, the business took the decision to refurbish its 800m2 premises, comprising 400m2 office space and 400m2 cooled warehouse, home to thirty staff in total.

Far more than a cosmetic exercise, management took the opportunity to totally re-think the way the building functioned, including looking afresh at heating, cooling and CO2 emissions.

With this in mind, all the original windows were removed and replaced, along with the entire heating and cooling system, including an old gas boiler and air conditioning units. In their place, ceiling-mounted cooling and ventilation were installed across the premises.

To provide the improved way of heating and cooling for this sizeable building, Greibich specified two Vaillant flexoTHERM 197/4 heat pumps from Vaillant Group Austria, accompanied by 14m2 of solar panels. This state-of-the-art technology now provides pleasant working conditions, regardless of climatic conditions, for those sitting at their desk or moving stock in the warehouse.

Apart from transforming the experience of working at Greibich, the changes have had a considerable impact on the bottom line. Before the refurbishment, the company’s annual heating and cooling costs were around € 6.500. This has since been reduced by 60% to € 2.600. On top of this, the new system has reduced CO2 emissions by an excess of 15 tonnes.

“This project illustrates the great potential savings when a building of this size changes from an old to a modern heating system” commented Thomas Hanke, manager for market development and communication at Vaillant, Austria.

Source – Greibich Installations GmbH Greibich Office

Technical Details

  • Kind of object: Office and warehouse
  • Heating System: 2 Vaillant brine-water heat pumps flexoTHERM 197/4
  • Heating area: 800 m2
  • Cooling area: 400 m2
  • Energy costs saving: € 3.900 p.a.
  • CO2 savings: 15,18 tons
  • Year of installation: 2017

Source – Greibich Installations GmbH Greibich Utility Room with Vaillant Heat Pump