Industry Pledge

Acting together to decarbonise Europe!

The heating and cooling industry is conscious of its responsibilities and is willing to take a leading role in the industries transition by making the following pledge. While aiming at reducing EU’s energy needs and striving for a cost-efficient path, the industry is willing to take specific commitments to turn Decarb Heat vision into reality.

While aiming at reducing EU’s energy needs and striving for a cost-efficient path, it commits to:

  • supporting the goal of a 100% carbon emission-free heating & cooling sector by 2050 (80% by 2040);
  • aligning its business development plans with this goal;
  • taking the necessary measures to increase the focus on 2050-ready (and supporting) solutions;
  • supporting a fuel switch towards renewable energy (including ambient, geothermal, solar thermal energy, sustainable biofuels, biogas, biomethane & renewable electricity), waste energy and power-to-heat solutions;
  • increasing research and development activities to (further) improve the environmental benefits, the cost efficiency and the integration of the various 2050-ready (and supporting) solutions, as well as strengthen synergies between the thermal and the electric sector;
  • establishing a permanent DecarbHeat industry platform to facilitate the materialization, review and further development of the decarbonisation strategy, to share the existing solutions and to develop a joint view on the 2050 energy system and the necessary “energy transition”-steps to get there.


Is your company willing to take such a commitment towards a 100% decarbonised heating and cooling sector in 2050? Then please contact

The Decarb Heat Industry pledge will be formally signed by representatives of the thermal industry at the #DecarbHeat Conference in Brussels on 11 May 2017 18:00 PM.

To deliver the expected results, this pledge must be completed by 2050-compatible’ policies and awareness-raising activities and a large support of Decarb Heat’s vision by numerous and various stakeholders.