Industry Pledge

Acting together to decarbonise Europe!

The heating and cooling industry is conscious of its responsibilities and is willing to take a leading role in the industries transition by making the following pledge. While aiming at reducing EU’s energy needs and striving for a cost-efficient path, the industry is willing to take specific commitments to turn Decarb Heat vision into reality.

(The text will be available on this website soon).

Is your industry willing to take commitments towards a 100% decarbonised heating and cooling sector in 2050? If yes, please contact

The Decarb Heat Industry pledge will be formally signed by representatives of the thermal industry at the #DecarbHeat Conference in Brussels on 11 May 2017 18:00 PM.

To deliver the expected results, this pledge must be completed by 2050-compatible’ policies and awareness-raising activities and a large support of Decarb Heat’s vision by numerous and various stakeholders.