Integration of data centre sector within urban & city environments

Smart sustainable cooling delivering zero-emissions heating to urban environments

District loops whether at a local or wider area network level allow the transfer of heat within the urban framework of cities. Smart integration of businesses and industry within the networks either in central plant or in local substations or business facilities offers the opportunity to redistribute and reuse both cooling and heating reducing the use of fossil and other fuels to reduce emissions.

The use of the latest modern heat pump solutions can provide chilled water for cooling whilst delivering heating water at up to 85°C to these networks delivering heat for connected homes, industries and offices.

One such example is located at the Stockholm Data Parks facility, where Carriers 61XWH high-temperature heat pumps recover heat from a 10 MW data center and contribute heat to serve around 20,000 modern residential apartments (55 kWh/m²/year) and in doing so reducing GHG emissions for the city for Stockholm of up to 8000 tonnes annually from the time of investment through 2019. Such savings would be higher in other locations where carbon content linked to energy production may be higher. For more information, please see here.

“Illustration of a smart city approach to cooling and heating integrating businesses and buildings”

Technical details:

  • GHG savings: 10 MW data center reduced annual CO2 emissions by 8,000 tonnes from investment and through 2019.
  • Energy savings: heat serves around 20,000 modern residential apartments (55 kWh/m²/year)
  • Heating capacity: +6MW (Phase I)
  • COP: <4,41
  • Refrigerant: HFO R1234ze(E)
  • Heating source: Data center
  • Supplied temperature: <85°C

Customer testimony:

Stockholm Exergi Erik Rylander, Head of SDP

“If we can buy heat from someone at a price lower than it would have cost to produce it, that’s the real business behind heat recovery: we are saving money and companies will be paid for something that is generally regarded as waste,” Rylander states.

“High temperature heat pump installation delivering +6MW heating removing heat from a data center”