Together for climate protection: 100 % renewable heat from wood and the power of the sun

Since the end of 2016, renewable heat has been flowing in the community of Hallerndorf in Bavaria, Germany. Thanks to the good and trusting cooperation between the community of Hallerndorf and NATURSTROM AG, the local heating project could be implemented in only 1.5 years.


In the German town of Hallerndorf, 100 % renewable heat from wood and the power of the sun is provided to over 100 households by a local heating project. It was initiated by a cooperation between the community and NATURSTROM AG and combines a heating plant running on wood chips from the region and the largest free-field solar thermal plant integrated into a local heating network with an area of 1,304 m².

The required heat quantity of 3 million kWh per year is generated by an innovative combination of different technologies. This ensures efficient capacity utilisation and a reliable supply to the connected households. The regenerative technology saves a total of almost 230,000 litres of heating oil and 873,600 kg of CO2 per year.

Four different sizes of modular biomass boilers with an output of 155, 300 and even 550 kilowatts (kW) operate in the boiler house. Boilers are added depending on the heat requirement. This ensures that neither too much nor too little heat is available and that heat losses remain low. Franconian wood chips from the region are used.

Together, Hallerndorf and NATURSTROM received the “Project Sustainability 2017” award from the German Council for Sustainable Development and were awarded the title of “Energy Community of the Month” in October 2018 by the Renewable Energies Agency.

Technical details:

  • GHG savings: Annual CO2 savings 873,600 kg
  • Heating source: Bioenergy and solar