Turning a family home into an energy-neutral home with air-to-water heat pump

Sinne Technyk, installer, opts for Aquarea T-CAP heat pump combined with HIT KURO photovoltaic panels. With this combination, the household enjoys energy-neutral and free heating, as well as domestic hot water.

Sinne Technyk recently installed Panasonic heat pump and photovoltaic panels in a house in Oudemirdum in Friesland, the Netherlands. Due to this combination, the owners now have an energy-neutral home and benefit from a more comfortable indoor climate.

The house has a surface of 14 by 10 meters with an annual gas consumption of 1800 to 2200 cubic meters per year. “The owners of this house have asked us to make it more sustainable. The aim was to realize an energy-neutral home and reduce the usage of gas to zero,” explains Leo van der Molen of Sinne Technyk. “That makes a heat pump an interesting option.”

With the comfort of the customers and neighbours in mind, a silent Aquarea T-CAP heat pump was chosen. “The Aquarea T-CAP is a very quiet unit by itself. The heat pump is equipped with three silent modes, with which the noise production can be further reduced during the night, for example.

Another important argument is the ease of use. Due to a touchscreen, the Panasonic heat pumps are very userfriendly,” says Van der Molen.

The Aquarea T-CAP is powered by solar panels. A total of 24 Panasonic HIT KURO solar panels of 325Wp each were installed in combination with a SolarEdge inverter equipped with optimizers. “We believe that these are the best quality solar panels currently available on the market. Thanks to their high efficiency per m2, the panels provide the largest amount of power and also have a long lifespan.”

Just like in this case, we have advised Panasonic products. “Our experience is that the customer likes to opt for quality and prefers to pay a bit more for a high-quality solar panel or heat pump,” says Van der Molen. “The products of Panasonic are high end but offer a higher quality than other solutions. The price-quality ratio is, therefore, considerably better.”

The Aquarea T-CAP outdoor unit
Source: Panasonic, Sinne Technyk

Technical details:

  • Heating capacity: 12 kW
  • COP: 4.74
  • Heating source: Air-to-water


“The aim was to realize an energy-neutral home and reduce the usage of gas to zero.” Leo van der Molen, Sinne Technyk

The Aquarea T-CAP indoor unit.
Source: Panasonic, Sinne Technyk