Guiding Policy Principles

Acting together to decarbonise Europe!

The role of policy-makers is crucial to achieve the goals of DecarbHeat. For that purpose, Decarb Heat suggests a set of guiding policy principles to underpin policy-action at European, national, regional and local level beyond geographic or institutional specifics.

The thermal industry believes that policy makers should:

  • Adopt the vision of a 100% carbon emission free heating & cooling sector by 2050 (80% by 2040)
  • Align current and planned energy policies with this vision, enshrining it in their environmental, economic, tax and educational policies and ensuring that the impact of legislation on various levels does not hinder the deployment of 2050-ready solutions
  • Establish conditions for an energy market that would spontaneously drive decision makers to opt for 2050-ready solutions, but also taking effective short term action to accelerate the deployment of these solutions in the absence of a functioning energy market
  • Strength the confidence of citizens, investors and stakeholders by playing an active role in the awareness-raising on and the promotion of existing ‘2050-ready’ solutions and the DecarbHeat vision
  • Support research and development activity to (further) improve the environmental benefits, the cost efficiency and the integration of the various 2050-ready (and supporting) solutions, as well as to strengthen connections between the thermal and the electric sector
  • Follow a collaborative approach for further decarbonisation of the thermal sector by participating in and contributing to the DecarbHeat platform.

These Guiding Policy Principles will be formally handed to policy-makers of various decision-making levels at the #DecarbHeat Conference in Brussels on 11 May 2017 19:00.