Stadtwerke Hassfurt goes for hydrogen cogeneration

A future-proof solution with virtually no emissions and easy to replicate. Made possible by cogeneration!

Stadtwerke Hassfurt, a German local utility, has realised a groundbreaking project for renewable regional energy supplies. It generates its own hydrogen from local renewable electricity and uses it in a cogeneration unit to supply regional customers with heat and electricity.

Stadtwerke Hassfurt partnered with 2G, a cogeneration manufacturer from Germany and a COGEN Europe Member, to install a cogeneration unit running on pure hydrogen. Stadtwerke Hassfurt produces its own hydrogen with an electrolyzer from electricity supplied by a local wind farm. The hydrogen is then stored in a storage facility. The 2G cogeneration unit closes the renewable circle. It transforms the hydrogen into heat and electricity which is supplied to its regional customers. Reaching efficiencies well over 80%, it is the most efficient and cost-effective way of using hydrogen. This fully decarbonised energy solution is ideally suited for local energy communities to provide their own heat and electricity.

  • Virtually no CO2 emissions
  • Most cost-effective way of using hydrogen